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Форум » Til o'rganish markazi / Learning center » Learning English » Andijan Massacre Witness
Andijan Massacre Witness
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Andijan Massacre Witness

On May 13th 2005 troops opened fire on a public demonstration in the Uzbek city of Andijan. Hundreds of people were killed and many of the survivors fled the country.

Қаламим шоввоз бўл, касб-коринг кўрсат,
тарихим парданг оч, рухсоринг кўрсат.
эртак, афсоналар меъдага тегди,
Ҳақиқат ошкор эт, асроринг кўрсат.
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“Through The Looking Glass: Andijan Massacre”

In May 2005 in Andijan in eastern Uzbekistan, unit of the army and Interior Ministry opened fire on demonstrators.

Uzbek authorities say the protesters were armed. Organizers of the rally insisted that the people were unarmed convoy.

The story began with a trial of 23 local businessmen who were accused of creating an Islamist organization and conspiring to overthrow the legitimate authority.

On the night of May 13, 2005, on the eve of the verdict announcement, the prison was attacked by gunmen and freed the accused. The same night, as they say Uzbek authorities have been attacked police stations and administrative buildings.

In the morning, protesters occupied the buildings of the city administration and staff of City Hall and the police basically taken hostage.

In Tashkent, embraced what is happening clearly an attempt to seize power.

However, the organizers of the rally and eyewitnesses say that people were waiting for the arrival of President Islam Karimov and journalists from state television to tell them about the arbitrariness of the local administration and in the hope of solving their problems.

Interior Minister in conversation with the leaders of the protesters offered them and their loved ones safely go abroad, even promising a bus, but refused to discuss other terms and conditions.

One way or another the victims of the Andijan events were at least 170 people. Other sources say hundreds of people died.

Monica Whitlock, in 2005, worked as correspondent for BBC in Uzbekistan, tried to restore the chain of events that led to the tragedy.

The original film Through the looking glass: Shooting at Andijan withdrawn by request of BBC studios on True HeroesFilms.

O'zbekiston - inhsa Alloh kelajagi buyuk davlat!

Форум » Til o'rganish markazi / Learning center » Learning English » Andijan Massacre Witness
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