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abdullohДата: Сешанба, 23.12.2008, 6:19:39 | Сообщение # 1
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Hello everybody who interesting in English.
I think conversation help you improve your English as well.
So here we are going to exercise with this.

Қаламим шоввоз бўл, касб-коринг кўрсат,
тарихим парданг оч, рухсоринг кўрсат.
эртак, афсоналар меъдага тегди,
Ҳақиқат ошкор эт, асроринг кўрсат.
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Class Rules

Marion talks about how she keeps her class in order.

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Todd: So, Marion, how are you classes?

Marion: My classes are quite good at the moment. I'm enjoying them. I work in a junior high school and high school together, so my students range from twelve years old right up to eighteen.

Todd: What do you teach your students?

Marion: It teach them English.

Todd: Really.

Marion: Yeah, so communication basically.

Todd: OK, so are they good students? You got nice kids?

Marion: I have a mixuture so, but mainly they're quite good children. They're mostly very nice, but there are always going to be a few who are a bit naughty.

Todd: So what do the naughty students do to be naughty?

Marion: Well, in my class naughty students don't pay attention when I speak sometimes, or they talk to their friend next to them when they should be listening or writing or doing something else. I don't mind if they talk to each other about what we're doing but if they are talking about what was on TV last night so something like that I don't like it, unless they do it in English. If they can that's fine.

Todd: Well, what do you do if your students are bad, are naughty? How do you discipline them?

Marion: I hit them....No, I don't.

Todd: You do not.

Marion: I'm joking, I'm joking. Well, I have quite small classes, so it's quite easy. I'll just either call their name or walk down to their seat and if everybody is working on something, I'll talk to them about their work and see what they're doing, if they have any problems, that kind of thing and then if it gets worse, then sometimes they have to stand up, or if they are really, really naughty, and don't do any work, they'll have to come back and see me after school, and finish their work, then.

Todd: So are you a strict teacher or a friendly teacher?

Marion: I'm more of a friendly teacher, but with a couple of classes, I've become a strict teacher because I have to be, but mostly a friendly teacher I think.

Todd: Who are easier to teach, the junior high students or the high school students?

Marion: Probably the junior high because their more enthusiastic about English. They get quite excited about coming to our classes, and like I said they are small classes so it's easier and better for them to because they have more chance to speak and to use English.

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Friends and Money

Paul and Katia discuss the difficulty of lending money to friends.

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Paul: Hi, this is Paul from England speaking with Katia from Mexico. Today we are speaking about friends and money. Katia, if a friend came to you asking to borrow some money, what would your reaction be?

Katia: If I have a good friend that really needs the money then, of course, if I have the money, I would probably lend it.

Paul: So, in what situation would you lend your friend money?

Katia: Well, for example, it's a person that is really trying their best to have money and it's in a situation that it's an emergency and needs the money then I would lend it. What about you Paul?

Paul: Yeah, I would lend... I would be a little bit nervous to lend a close friend money because I think that money can sometimes affect a friendship.

Katia: I guess that's true. Do you have a bad experience with it?

Paul: Actually, I do. Yeah. I've had a bad experience of a very close friend of mine. He was asking for money from me and at first just once and then twice and then he started asking for more money and it actually had a big effect on our friendship.

Katia: Are you still friends?

Paul: Oh, we're not. We're not friends anymore, but he did buy his car.

Katia: Oh, wow! This was for a car.

Paul: Yeah, he kind of cheated me out of a lot of money, so he was working as well and he was trying to save some money and in the end he bought his car but he lost his friend.

Katia: Yeah, I guess that's very difficult to say, but what about... would you ask for money if you need it?

Paul: Personally, I think before I asked a friend for money I would prefer to either ask my parents or my sister. How about you if you were in that situation?

Katia: Well, if I had no choice, and not asked my family, I could ask my friend. Of course, he has to be a very good friend and for a very good reason for me to ask for money.

Paul: So could you lend me some money, cause I'd like to go to Hawaii next week?

Katia: Well, Paul let me think about that one.

Paul: OK. Thank you.

O'zbekiston - inhsa Alloh kelajagi buyuk davlat!

AbdulazizДата: Пайшанба, 05.02.2009, 4:35:33 | Сообщение # 4
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Money and Charity
Paul and Katia debate the merits of giving money to charity or people in need.

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Paul: Hi, this is Paul from England speaking with Katia from Mexico. First question is do you give money to charity?

Katia: Well, Paul, it's a difficult question because you really want to help people, but I always question myself where if the money really gets to where it's supposed to go, so personally I rarely do give money to charities. I'd rather give my time, so I know if it's actually something happening. What about you?

Paul: Yeah, I guess that makes sense. If it's a registered charity then I don't see there's a problem really with giving a donation.

Katia: Yeah, I guess so, but really I wonder. There are so many charities in the world, and you wonder really how much money do the people actually get, so it's difficult to really know.

Paul: How about if you're walking down the street and you see a homeless person asking for money?

Katia: Homeless people! That's also difficult because you can see they need money or they need food. Sometimes I feel if you give money, you are supporting their way of life so I would rather give some food so they can eat, but maybe if it's a disabled person, I am more willing to give, rather than just the homeless.

Paul: Yeah, I'd agree with you. It's difficult to know what they're gonna use the money for, so usually I never give money to men but if it's like an elderly woman, I'm happy to give a small donation.

Katia: Why not men and only women?

Paul: Well, going back to what you said about supporting their way of life, I mean, not in every case, but I think that often it can just be man's choice to be homeless on the street and he does have a chance to get a job I think.

Katia: So you think the woman really doesn't have a choice, and the man...

Paul: I think it's more difficult for a woman.

Katia: Possibly. Possibly. That's a difficult question.

Paul: For sure. Do you give money if you see children on the street?

Katia: Well, it depends, because that's also giving money to children so they can continue asking for money, so I avoid it. I also avoid it. What about you?

Paul: I'm a little bit reluctant to give money. I heard in a lot of poor countries that it can actually even be a business, like a parents will send their children onto the street.

Katia: Unfortunately, that's true.

Paul: OK, so maybe you like what you said before: it's better to donate your time than to donate money.

Katia: Possibly. And hopefully things will change.

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AbdulazizДата: Пайшанба, 05.02.2009, 4:44:50 | Сообщение # 5
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A Woman's Life
Paul asks Katia what are the best and worst things about being a woman.

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Paul: Hi, this is Paul from England and I'm here with Katia from Mexico. Today we're gonna speak about being a woman. I can't imagine what it's like to be a woman. It must be really difficult.

Katia: Well, I wouldn't say difficult, difficult. I think it's great, but it comes with some difficult things I guess. Maybe I can think of make-up and it takes us so long to get ready and it's something that we really need to do, so maybe that's one thing that we have to get used to it.

Paul: Come on. It can't be so difficult: make-up. Putting on make-up on every day.

Katia: Well, you get used to it, but just imagine, we need to look for the right colors, the right brand, the right price. It really gets tough.

Paul: Sounds tough. Anything else difficult about being a woman?

Katia: Well, some people say that it might not be so difficult but maybe giving birth might be something that woman have to face that is difficult, but perhaps for some women it's not so difficult but I think that's one other thing.

Paul: Yeah, for sure. I'll never know about that. How about good things, positive things about being a women?

Katia: Well, there are many positive things. I actually can say I'm happy being a woman. Maybe one thing is, well we have in a sense... we're able to choose if we... once we marry, if we go to work or not, in general. I think that's one good thing. Don't you agree?

Paul: Yeah, I would agree with that. For sure. Anything else that's positive for you?

Katia: Well, since I'm not married yet, going on dates I think it's great the man has to pay. So that's a positive thing of being a woman.

Paul: Great. Yeah. I definitely agree with that. OK, and finally is there one last thing. What's your favorite thing about being a woman?

Katia: My favorite thing? Maybe having a sixth sense.

Paul: Could you tell me more?

Katia: Well, as a woman we sense certain things that men are not able to sense, so I think that's a very positive thing.

Paul: For example?

Katia: Well, for example, Paul, as a woman we sense people's feelings even though, for example, a man will not say anything. We can see, or we can feel what the person is feeling. The same with children, or the same with other women.

Paul: I would agree with that. Women have to be more sensitive to these issues I think.

Katia: Yeah, sensitive. You can call it sensitive. I call it a sixth sense.

Paul: OK, it was nice talking to you.

Katia: Thank you, Paul.

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A Man's Life
Katia asks Paul to talk about the best and worst things about being a man.

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Katia: Hello, everyone, this is Katia from Mexico and we are here with Paul from England, and today we're gonna have a very interesting conversation about men. What's difficult about being a man and what are the good things about being a man, so we have the right candidate for this. Paul, what are the bad things about being a man?

Paul: What's difficult about being a man? Well, I think... the hardest thing I think is working. The man is under a lot of pressure to go to work and to earn money for the family.

Katia: But I thought men like to work.

Paul: Yeah, men do like to work of course. Like most men want to have a career but along with the work, there's a lot of pressure. They have pressure from their wife, from their kids, from their family, from the bank manager.

Katia: Yeah, I guess so. That can be stressful. What else? What else are one of the bad thing of being a man?

Paul: Well, I guess, if a man's... has a good job or a job that's taking up a lot of his time, this can sometimes lead to problems with his relationship, especially with his his kids, I think. For example, if the kids are spending a lot of time with their mother, usually they form a closer relationship with their mom, so the father, I think, misses out on his kids growing up sometimes.

Katia: Yeah, that is true and now I can that clearly unfortunately it seems that it's a lot of bad things with the job, but I am sure they're very good things about being a man.

Paul: For sure, there are a lot of advantages I think. For example, appearance. I think, for a man, he doesn't really... when he's not working, he doesn't really need to worry about his appearance. He can wear whatever clothes he wants to wear. He doesn't brush is hair or he can wear scruffy shoes for example.

Katia: Mmm, are you sure about that one?

Paul: Would you disagree? Yeah, I think usually that appearance is not so important for a man.

Katia: Possibly.I guess women spend more time in appearances but there must be more things than this about good things about being a man.

Paul: Good things? I think men usually can have more fun than women. Like in their free time, they get to play sport and do a lot more fun things I think than women.

Katia: Well, Paul, I'm gonna have to disagree with that one, but tell me why. Why do you think men can have more fun than women?

Paul: Maybe I'm just thinking from a man's point of view, but to me shopping sounds very boring.

Katia: OK, well, I do agree with that one, but still you haven't answered my question.

Paul: What was your question again?

Katia: Why do you think men can have more fun than women?

Paul: Just I think that men have a lot more freedom to do fun things and travel. For example, safety and traveling alone. A man can just go traveling by himself, where a woman, she has to think, where am I going, is it safe. For example, this kind of think.

Katia: OK. I can understand a little bit. You were getting a little bit nervous, Paul.

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Super Bowl Sunday

Melissa and Todd talk about America's secret holiday.

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Todd: So, Melissa, the Super Bowl is coming up. And what do you think about football?

Melissa: I think it's really interesting. This Japanese guy recently told me it was the most interesting sport to watch because of the rules, but unfortunately I don't really know the rules so I have a hard time following it.

Todd: But you're American. You don't like American football?

Melissa: I'm more of a basketball fan cause when I watch it, I can easily understand what's going on, and when I'm watching football, everyone around me just screams and they don't really tell me what's going on.

Todd: Right. But the Super Bowl - that's like the biggest game of the year right! So you go to Super Bowl parties, right?

Melissa: Yeah, my sister's crazy about football and she has Super Bowl parties but I haven't really lived in America for the past three years, and before that I was in college and I never really went to one. How about you?

Todd: Oh, yeah, I'm huge .... it's the biggest day of the year for me.

Melissa: What's your favorite team?

Todd: Well, my team is terrible now ... the 49ers, so they're never, ever in the Super Bowl.

Melissa: Yeah, that's cool. San Francisco.

Todd: But the thing I think is great about Super Bowl Sunday is it's really ... it's like the silent American holiday.

Melissa: Yes.

Todd: You know what I mean? Like it's the one day where everybody gets together and watches the game and has a good time.

Melissa: Well, I'm from Philadelphia and Philadelphia fans of all sports are totally wild and crazy, and they just go all out, so a lot of my family members and friends go crazy about the Eagles' games.

Todd: So have you ever been to a professional game?

Melissa: I haven't. I haven't been to a professional football game.

Todd: Now, what about college? Did you have a big college team?

Melissa: No, I don't think so. We had a good basketball team at the University of Arizona - The Wildcats, but ....

Todd: Oh, right.

Melissa: Football, I don't really recall having a good football team.

Todd: So when you watch the Super Bowl, usually the best part is the commercials, right? So, they have the commercials, so you watch those, don't you?

Melissa: To be honest, I can't remember watching the Super Bowl in recent years.

Todd: Wow!

Melissa: Yeah.

Todd: Here it is. I'm saying it's the biggest day of the year, and you don't remember ever seeing it?

Melissa: I mean, I remember watching it, but they're just ... I remember like being more into the food that was all around me.

Todd: Right, right. Fair enough.

Melissa: Sorry. But if you invite me this year I'll come.

Todd: Oh, cool.

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Jeff talks about what he does to keep himself healthy.

Todd: Jeff, I thought we would talk about healthy lifestyles. Now, you are one of the healthiest people I know. You are lean...

Jeff: I don't know. Yes?

Todd: You are very lean. You are very fit, so what is it that keeps you healthy?

Jeff: Many things, but I think discipline is one of the most important things. You need to be a disciplined person. A little-bit disciplined person, but saying that, it's not hard to be disciplined because you do things that you like to do, for example I do yoga, and I enjoy yoga so every day I get up in the morning and I do an hour of yoga and this is very good for your body. It's easy to do because I do it in my house, so I don't have to pay expensive gym fees and I don't have to get on a bus and travel thirty minutes to a gymnasium or a fitness center. I can do it right in my house, the front room of my house on a little mat, and I also get up with my girlfriend every morning a five a.m. and we go for a walk for an hour, a nice brisk walk and that's easy to do as well. Just a pair of sneakers and you can walk anywhere.

Todd: And now you actually live in a city area, correct?

Jeff: Yeah, I live in the city. Yep, in Tokyo, a big, big city, so when I say you've got to be disciplined, you can't use that an excuse. "Oh, I live in the city so I can't walk." It's not true. We walk every day in the world's biggest city, Tokyo.

Todd: Well, so basically, one of the pillars of your way of staying healthy is to have discipline to exercise regularly but it doesn't have to be strenuous, just little things.

Jeff: A little bit of exercise every day. Something simple. Something easy. Something you like to do, whether it's walking or wether it's riding your bicycle to work instead of taking the subway, or yeah, doing some yoga. Just a little bit of exercise a few days a week and it will help you stay fit and healthy.

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Tini talks about tennis and how it is a sport her whole family loves.

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Todd: So, Tini, I thought we would talk about sports and things we like to do. What sports do you like to play?

Tini: Well, I like tennis. It's one of my favorite sports.

Todd: Tennis, huh?

Tini: Yes.

Todd: So, what do you like about tennis?

Tini: Well, actually, I think it is my father and my brother who is encouraging... who are encouraging me to play tennis actually. I started when I was in my first year in high school, however I played it only a year and then because.... due to, you know busies and studyings and so I started to play it again when I was a graduate... after graduating from high school.

Todd: So, you were on the tennis team in high school?

Tini: Not actually the tennis team but I was just like, as a hobby. I did it as a hobby.

Todd: Oh, OK. So are both your father and your brother really good players?

Tini: Well, in some sense, yes.

Todd: Who's better, your father or your brother?

Tini: Well, regarding style, I think my brother is much better than my father.

Todd: OK. Now when you play, do you prefer to play singles or doubles?

Tini: I prefer to play singles. You know, you have better control, actually.

Todd: Oh, OK. You don't like to play with another person?

Tini: Well, I can but it's that I don't play it very often playing double.

Todd: Oh, yeah, right. It's a lot more difficult I think playing doubles.

Tini: Yes. Yes. Yes. You know, you have to get all the strategies fixed up.

Todd: Right. So, what do you think is the most difficult thing about playing tennis?

Tini: Difficult thing about playing tennis?

Todd: Is it for example serving the ball or backhand, or?

Tini: Well, I think like controlling the ball, that is the most difficult one. Like for example, like you want to hit it like, so that the ball would go, how do you say, straight to the, you know, the boundary lines that will be harder for your opponent to catch it, so.

Todd: Right. Right. That's true. That is true. It is kind of hard to keep the ball within the boundaries.

Tini: Yes, within the boundaries.

Todd: So, do you have a really nice, expensive racket?

Tini: Well, yes, actually. It was expensive.

Todd: It was! It's not expensive anymore?

Tini: You know, like new fashions come along, new styles come along, new models come along, and then so.

Todd: Oh, your racket is a little old.

Tini: Yeah. It's outdated.

Todd: OK, well it's cool to talk to you about tennis. Thanks, Tini.

Tini: No problem. Anytime.

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Fred: I can tell you guys about a very scary spider that once entered my house.

Todd: Oh, really.

Fred: Yeah, so my roommate and I are sitting next to the kitchen and then we just look around the kitchen and then we look up to the wall and we see this really big spider on the wall, and it's got these hairy legs and it's as big as my hand.

Todd: Right.

Fred: So once that we saw that on the wall, we just started to freak out, so what we decided to do was to spray it just to see if it would die or just come down because it, I know it's sad but it's a very dangerous spider and we didn't want to live with that, and so once we sprayed it, and then it went on the floor, we thought that it was dead because it kind of all crooked up together like this to become some kind of ball, and then so we decided to leave the room and then when we came back into the room the spider wasn't there anymore.

Todd: Ooh. It came back to life.

Fred: It came back to life. So beware of the spider.

Todd: But did you ever see the spider again?

Fred: No, we didn't. We couldn't find it anymore.

Katia: I think the spider was smart enough to leave that house and not visit you again.

Fred: Well, I'm happy that it did that.

Todd: Yeah, that's like the other night, I walked into my kitchen and I turned on the light and as soon as I turned on the light this huge spider came running right at me, and then the spider got right up to where I was and then it stopped and then it went away, and so I went to go look for it and I pulled like the garbage bag away and then it ran at me again, and then turned around and ran away, so I went and looked it up on Wikipedia and then it said, actually the spider was just running to my shadow to hide and then when it realized I was a bad place, that's why it ran away.

Fred: Really! That is so interesting.

Katia: The thing is that these spiders are smart. They know. They sense fear and they're smart. I think, they know what to do. We don't know about the spiders, so we don't know which ones are dangerous, which ones are OK, so we just assume all are bad.

Todd: Yeah, you know, I used to be afraid of spiders and I actually kind of like them now.

Katia: I think they're cool.

Todd: You think they're cool.

Katia: I think they're cool.

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