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English Dialogues
abdullohДата: Душанба, 05.01.2009, 9:59:35 | Сообщение # 11
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Making An Appointment
Secretary: Good morning, Haskell, Cleaver, and Young.
Maria: I’D like to speak with Mr. Young, please.
Secretary: Who is calling, please?
Maria: I’m a related to Thomas Smith. Mr. Young asked me to get in touch when I arrived in the U.S.
Secretary: Please hold.
Mr. Young: I’M looking forward to meeting you. Can you come by tomorrow at 10 a.m.?
Maria: Yes, I think so. Where are you located?
Mr. Young: Our offices are just behind the state capital building. You can walk here from your hotel.
Maria: What time should I leave the hotel?
Mr. Young: Oh, maybe around 9:30. It should only take about 20 minutes on foot.
Maria: Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Shopping At The Mall
Salesperson: Are you being helped?
Maria: No, I’m not. I’m looking for gifts for my children, possibly T-shirts.
Salesperson: For a girl or a boy?
Maria: Both. I have a son and a daughter.
Salesperson: What sizes do you need?
Maria: I guess I’ll need a large for my son and the medium for my daughter.
Salesperson: How about the color?
Maria: I think I’ll get a light green shirt for my daughter and a navy blue one for my son. Are they easy to take care of?
Salesperson: Yes, they are machine washable and shouldn’t fade or shrink very much.
Maria: Fine, I’ll take the two shirts.
Salesperson: How about something for your husband?
Maria: Not right now. I’m going to look some more. Where’s the fine jewelry department?
Salesperson: Right over there, to the left.

Finding An Apartment
Alex: Hello, I’m looking for an apartment. I’d like to rent a furnished, two-bedroom place.
1st Manager: We have one furnished apartment left. It’s air-conditioned and rents for 565 dollars per month.
Alex: Are the utilities included?
1st Manager: The water is, but not the gas and electricity.
Alex: That’s a little more than I wanted to pay. Thanks anyway.
2nd Manager: Hello, Breezeway Manner Apartments, how may I help you?
Alex: Do you have a furnished, two-bedroom apartment in the 400 dollar range?
2nd Manager: Why yes, you’re in luck. One just came open today. It goes for four hundred fifty dollars per month, including water.
Alex: Is it on the first or second floor?
2nd Manager: The first floor. It’s very close to our swimming pool. Shall I hold it for you? I’ll need one month’s rent as a deposit as soon as possible
Alex: Yes, please do. I’ll be right over.

Moving Day
2nd Manager: Good morning. Are you ready to see the apartment?
Alex: Yes. Let’s go inside.
2nd Manager: We’ll start with the kitchen and dining room.
Alex: Oh good, a refrigerator and stove. Is there a dishwasher, too?
2nd Manager: It’s right over here, next to the sink. There’s also a garbage disposal and trash compactor.
Alex: I’d like to take a look at the bedrooms and bath.
2nd Manager: Here are the bedrooms. They’re connected by the bathroom. There’s also a half bath off the living room. Which bedroom with you use?
Alex: I like the one facing the pool. I’ll use the other one for my study. Can I get a desk and chair for this study?
2nd Manager: I’ll call the office and see if there are any storage.
Alex: I don’t have a car. Is there a grocery store nearby?
2nd Manager: You’re in luck. There’s a supermarket down the street. It’s about a ten minute walk. Let’s go back to my office and talk about your lease.

Shopping For Groceries
Produce Clerk: Good morning. May I weigh those for you?
Maria: Yes. And how much are the tomatoes?
Produce Clerk: Eighty cents a pound. How many would you like?
Maria: Three will be enough. I also want this head of lettuce. How much do I owe you?
Produce Clerk: Oh, you don’t pay here. You pay at the checkout counter when you leave.
Maria: Sorry about that.
Butcher: Can I help you?
Maria: I’D like a chicken please.
Butcher: Would you like it whole or cut up?
Maria: A whole fryer please. I’ll cut it up myself. Thanks.
Baker: Yes, ma’am?
Maria: I’D like a loaf of bread, please.
Baker: Do you want rye, whole wheat, or white bread?
Maria: I’Ll take the rye bread.

At The Laundry
Alex: How does this washing machine work?
1st. Neighbor: You have to put four quarters in the slot, then add the detergent.
Alex: I don’t have any change. Where can I get some?
1st. Neighbor: There is a coin machine over their. It takes dollar bills.
2nd. Neighbor: Do you have any detergent?
Alex: 0, no! I forgot to buy some at the supermarket.
Alex: Can I borrow a cup?
2nd. Neighbor: Sure. Take as much as you need.
1st. Neighbor: I’Ve finished using the dryer, and there’s still some time left if you want to dry your clothes.
Alex: That’S very kind. thanks a lot.
1st. Neighbor: Don’T mention it. Here’s my business card if you need anything for yourself or your apartment. I manage the department store in the mall. We’re having a big sale this week. Why don’t you stop by some time?
Alex: Thank you. I’ll try to.

Қаламим шоввоз бўл, касб-коринг кўрсат,
тарихим парданг оч, рухсоринг кўрсат.
эртак, афсоналар меъдага тегди,
Ҳақиқат ошкор эт, асроринг кўрсат.
abdullohДата: Душанба, 05.01.2009, 10:00:35 | Сообщение # 12
Группа: Проверенные
Сообщений: 167
Статус: Offline
At the gas station
Attendant: Regular or super unleaded?
Alex: Fill it up with regular, please. Could you also check the oil and the tires?
Attendant: Your oil is a little low. Shall I put in a quart?
Alex: Okay. would you mind cleaning the windshield, too?
Attendant: Sure. where are you haded?
Alex: To Washington. I’ve got to do some research there. I know nothing about the city.
Attendant: It’S a great place-lots of good restaurants, museums, and stores. How long will you be there?
Alex: I’M not sure yet. Probably several days.
Attendant: Have a safe trip! And don’t miss the Smithsonian!

Car Trouble
Alex: I don't know what's wrong. It's a rental car. Maybe I should call the emergency number of the agency.
HP Officer: Can I give you a lift to the service station at the next exit?
Alex: Yes, if you don’t mind. I think I’ll call the rental agency there.
HP Officer: I’M glad to help. It’s part of the job. You’re not from around here are you?
Alex: No, I’m not an American. I’m visiting the U.S. for the first time. I’ve been to Atlanta, Georgia, and now I’m on my way to your nation’s capital.
HP Officer: You mean Washington?
Alex: That’s right.
HP Officer: I’ve never been there. I’d like to go there one-day. They say it’s a lovely city. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!
Alex: Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.

Under The Weather
Nurse: What seems to be the trouble?
Maria: I feel terrible. I have a fever and chills.
Nurse: What’s your temperature?
Maria: 102 degrees.
Nurse: Have you taken anything for it?
Maria: Just some aspirin. What should I do?
Nurse: I think you better see one of our doctors. You probably have an infection. Can you come right now?
Maria: Yes, I’m on my way. I don’t have any medical insurance. Is that all right?
Nurse: Don’t worry. Our business office takes cash, personal checks, or credit cards.

At The Doctor’s Office
Doctor: How are you today?
Maria: Not so good. I think I have the flu or something.
Doctor: What are your symptoms?
Maria: I have a fever, chills, and a sore throat.
Doctor: Let’s take a look. Open wide. Hmm, your throat is pretty red. How long have you had a fever?
Maria: Since last night. It comes and goes. What’s wrong with me?
Doctor: You have some sort of bacterial infection. I’m going to write you the prescription. Take it to any drugstore, and they’ll give you some pills that you’ll need to take for five days. You should be completely well by then.
Maria: Thanks. I sure wish I felt better. I guess I’ll go home and rest.

At The Dentist Office
Dentist: My assistant said you have a toothache. How long have you had it?
Alex: For about 24 hours. I’ve had trouble with this tooth before. My dentist at home said that it would eventually have to be removed.
Dentist: Let me take a closer look. Hmm, I concur with your dentist. The tooth has to come out.
Alex: Will it hurt?
Dentist: Not too much. I’ll give you some Novacaine to make the tooth numb.
Alex: When will you remove it?
Dentist: It should come out right now.
Alex: All right. Go ahead. What a way to end my stay in the U.S.!
Dentist: When are you leaving?
Alex: I have to see an attorney in the morning. My flight home is late tomorrow afternoon around 6 p.m.

Қаламим шоввоз бўл, касб-коринг кўрсат,
тарихим парданг оч, рухсоринг кўрсат.
эртак, афсоналар меъдага тегди,
Ҳақиқат ошкор эт, асроринг кўрсат.
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